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Natural Magic Herbs and the Human Body

Hello Herbal Philosophy followers.

Have you ever considered that there might be a link between the shape of an herb, and the benefits that it brings to a specific body part? You might be surprised.

The express tribune just published an article on common health foods whose appearance is similar to the parts of the body they are designed to improve.

For example, the omega-3 fatty acids found in walnuts have a close association as being called a brain food. The appearance of walnuts looking like a brain, also makes it an official brain food.

The article continues to list numerous beneficial organ-shaped foods; ginger for digestion (the stomach), carrots for the eyes, pomegranate and figs for female/male fertility (think testes and ovaries-shaped fruit), mushrooms for the ears and the most blatantly obvious one here, kidney beans for the kidneys.

Different variations of plant growth also suggest that they do the same for the human body. For fluid circulation during colds, plants that are grown near free-flowing rivers (like Mint, Verbena, and Willow) do the job. Cleansing plants like Eucalyptus and Sunflower are often used for clearing land for farming and irrigation, which is the same exact effect they have on the body.

Finally, the big cure-all: ginseng. It helps restore energy, and strengthens the immune system, as well as improved quality of life. Some examples of Ginseng root can cost in the thousands for their uncanny resemblance to people and the benefits that they bring:


It even looks like a person

The article lists many more herbs and vegetables that directly impact our bodies, and many of our own herbal teas contain a multitude of herbs with a specific use in mind.

Tell us in the comments section what you think of the article, and if you’ve got your own holistic remedy that has a rather similarly shaped look to the organ it benefits.

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